27 cu. ft. Side by Side Smart Refrigerator with Insta View, Craft Ice in PrintProof Black Stainless Steel


Key Features:

  • Edge-to-Edge InstaView Design
  • Dual ice maker with craft ice
  • Smooth Touch Ice Dispenser with Uvnano

Dimensions: H 70.5 in, W 35.88 in, D 33.5 in

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Embrace both style and organization with LG’s side-by-side InstaView refrigerator, featuring Craft Ice. This refrigerator’s modern design includes sleek flat doors, unobtrusive pocket handles, and a seamless, edge-to-edge InstaView glass panel. A simple double knock lets you peek inside, unveiling the vast possibilities within its 27 cu. ft. of space. Elevate your hosting with LG’s exclusive slow-melting Craft Ice, perfect for enhancing the flavor of everything from sophisticated cocktails to everyday smoothies.

Key Features of the LG Side-by-Side InstaView Refrigerator:

  • Generous Storage: Offering a spacious 27 cu. ft., this refrigerator provides ample room for all your storage needs, with a design that allows equal access to both fresh and frozen foods.
  • Larger InstaView Window: The latest InstaView window is 23% larger, featuring a tinted, frameless design. Just two quick knocks reveal your favorite items, reducing the need to open the door and keeping food fresher.
  • Contemporary Design: The refrigerator’s modern aesthetic is enhanced by flat panels and discreet pocket handles, ensuring easy access while adding a touch of elegance.
  • Dual Ice Makers with Craft Ice: Never run out of ice with dual ice makers that produce standard cubes, crushed ice, and LG’s exclusive round Craft Ice, ideal for a variety of beverages.
  • Intuitive Ice & Water Dispenser: Easily dispense chilled filtered water, cubed, or crushed ice with a light touch. The PrintProof finish resists smudges and fingerprints, maintaining a pristine look.
  • Cool Guard: The cool guard metal panel enhances cooling and adds a premium look, extending the professional style from the exterior to the interior.
  • PrintProof Finish: The fingerprint and smudge-resistant finish of the refrigerator makes cleaning effortless, perfect for maintaining a stylish, functional kitchen.
  • Efficient LED Lighting: Bright LED panels illuminate both the fresh food and freezer sections, making it easy to find items quickly.
  • Smart Temperature Controls: Temperature controls are conveniently located inside the fridge, maintaining a clean exterior while being easily accessible.
  • Multi-Air Flow System: This system maintains optimal humidity and temperature levels, with digital sensors and strategically-placed vents ensuring consistent cooling.
  • Door Cooling+: The Door Cooling+ vent extends the reach of LG’s cooling system, ensuring even temperatures throughout the refrigerator.
  • Linear Cooling: The Linear Compressor maintains temperatures within 1°F of the setting, keeping produce fresher for longer.
  • Advanced Water Filtration: LG’s new pharmaceutical water filter is NSF certified, reducing more contaminants for fresher tasting water.
  • UV Nano Technology: The built-in water dispenser nozzle is treated with UV nano technology, killing up to 99.99% of bacteria for cleaner, better-tasting water.
  • ThinQ Technology: Control your refrigerator remotely with ThinQ technology. Adjust settings, receive notifications, and use voice commands with Google Assistant or Alexa for a smarter living experience.
  • Energy Star Certified: This refrigerator exceeds federal energy standards, positively impacting your energy bills and the environment.

LG’s side-by-side InstaView refrigerator with Craft Ice is more than just a fridge; it’s a statement of style and functionality, designed to keep your food fresh and your beverages perfectly chilled.


Dual Ice Maker, Energy Star, Water Dispenser



Refrigerator Type

Side By Side

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