30 cu. ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator, Door-In-Door, Full-Convert Drawer, Craft Ice in PrintProof Black Stainless


Key Features:

  • Makes slow melting round Craft Ice, crushed ice & standard cubes
  • Full-convert drawer has 5 temperature settings for flexibility
  • Smart Home & Wi-Fi enabled to control & monitor with phone app

Dimensions: H 70.25 in, W 35.67 in, D 38.1 in

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LG’s exclusive Door-in-Door refrigerators are the epitome of convenience and sophistication, perfect for those who love to entertain at home. These refrigerators come equipped with dual ice makers and Craft Ice, effortlessly producing crushed, cubed, and LG’s unique slow-melting round ice, ideal for crafting upscale drinks without the hassle. The innovative Full-Convert drawer offers versatile storage, easily switching between five temperature settings for all your chilling or freezing needs, ensuring your food and drinks are always at the perfect temperature.

Key Features of LG’s Door-in-Door Refrigerators:

  • Spacious Storage: Enjoy 30 cu. ft. of usable space, allowing you to stock up on all your fresh and frozen favorites in one go, with ample room to store them upon returning home.
  • Door-in-Door Convenience: The door-in-door feature provides quick access to beverages and snacks, perfect for grabbing items on the go. This design includes additional door bins for enhanced organization and storage.
  • Versatile Full-Convert Drawer: This flexible drawer can be converted from a fridge to a freezer with a single touch. Choose from five temperature settings to suit your needs, whether it’s freezing a large birthday cake or chilling wine and deli snacks for a gathering.
  • Tall Ice & Water Dispenser: Accommodate containers of all sizes with the ultra-tall 12.6-inch dispenser. The Measured Fill feature allows you to dispense precise amounts of filtered water, ideal for drink mixes and recipes. The dispenser’s brushed metal finish touch display includes easy-to-operate temperature controls and refrigerator options.
  • Advanced Water Filtration: LG’s new pharmaceutical water filter is NSF certified, reducing more contaminants for fresher tasting water.
  • Dual Ice Makers with Craft Ice: Never run out of ice with dual ice makers that produce standard ice cubes, crushed ice, and LG’s exclusive round craft ice, enhancing the taste of your beverages.
  • Slim SpacePlus Ice System: Maximize shelf space in your fridge with the slim ice system, allowing more space for door bins.
  • Door Cooling+ and Smart Cooling System: The Door Cooling+ vent and Smart Cooling system work together to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the refrigerator, keeping food fresh for longer.
  • Linear Cooling: The Linear Compressor reacts quickly to temperature changes, maintaining freshness and flavor for up to 2X longer.
  • Smart Cooling with Digital Sensors: The Smart Cooling system uses digital sensors to detect and respond to temperature fluctuations, ensuring optimal food freshness.
  • Cool Guard: The metal interior panel helps maintain cold air and adds a premium look.
  • Door-in-Door with ColdSaver Panel: This feature acts as a barrier, keeping cold air inside and reducing cold air loss, helping to keep food fresher for longer.
  • Fresh Air Filter: LG’s exclusive Fresh Air Filter with a dedicated fan pushes cleaner, fresher air into the fridge.
  • Smart Pull Handle: Easily access your freezer with the simple lift of the Smart Pull Handle.
  • Energy Star Certified: Save on your energy bills and reduce environmental impact with this ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator.

LG’s Door-in-Door refrigerators are not just about keeping food fresh; they’re about adding convenience and style to your home, ensuring you’re always ready to entertain with ease and elegance.

Refrigerator Type

4 Door French Door




Dual Ice Maker , Energy Star , Water Dispenser

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